“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” — Henry Ford

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commercialBelco Electric prides itself in excelling at all commercial electrical work at every level – from minor renovations to new build projects of every type. We are perfectly equipped to handle any commercial project on your schedule. Our main office in Hackensack, NJ, is in a prime location for us to access all job locations conveniently.

We specialize in open store renovations after hours and are more than able to work safely around patrons to your establishment during standard working hours. During an open store remodel, our highest concern is the safety of your patrons’ and no one is better suited to work safely around your shopping customers while having no negative impact to their shopping experience than Belco Electric. Additionally, we have day and night crews. We here at Belco Electric will never hit a client with a premium fee for night work. Our night time pricing is identical to our day time pricing.

For new build construction, we have the manpower, knowledge, and experience to take on any size project and complete it safely, efficiently, and done well beyond your expectations. Put our team to the test. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

When doing roll out projects, regardless of size, our office staff and technicians work alongside your team hand in hand to get to the finish line on or before schedule. Our team has not started a rollout that we were not able to successfully complete. More often than not we will complete them before required to. At Belco electric we start each roll out project strong, so that in perfect conditions we will complete the project early. This allows us to adapt to and solve any problems that may arise so your project is completed on time. No matter what the issue is, Belco Electric will work with the client to find a way around that problem and complete the task at hand.

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